Lisa Raye: The Kardashians Changed The Acceptable Shape For A Woman's Body!!


Lisa Raye has spoken out about the influence of the Kardashian -- and she claims that the family has single-handedly changed the acceptable body shape for a woman.

And she's not a fan of the new normal.

"The Kardashian's have single-handedly changed the woman's body shape that is acceptable right now," she said on Fox Soul Live.

"Now it's a small waist, and all this ass, which look like the ankles can't even hold up all of that," she said. "I don't even want my body to look like that because that's the body everybody has right now."

Raye was blessed with natural curves, but it is rare these days to find celebrities and influencers who have not gone under the knife to "enhance" their God-given talents.

Kim Kardashian has not been very open about her number of times under the knife, and last year she denied even having surgery on her nose.

"I never had my nose done. Everyone thought I did, and I said wait until I have kids because your real features come out," she said.