Karla From Movie Next Friday Is Homeless - Has GoFundMe!! - MTO News

Lisa Rodríguez, the actress who played Karla in the 19 year old classic Movie 'Next Friday' is claiming that she's she's currently broke and homeless. Lisa Rodríguez, reached out to her fans to explain her financial predicament - and to ask that they contribute to her GoFundMe page.

Here's a video showing Lisa playing Karla, in case you forgot who she is:

She initially disclosed to fans that she was "homeless", when Next Friday was released on Netflix, and she was prominently featured on the cover.

According to Lisa, she's having some issues with her landlord, who claims that she's not on the lease to her father's apartment, and that he wants to evict her. Lisa explained on her GoFundMe, "I will be in a shelter if I do not save this apartment.

Lisa claims that she was trying to pay rent, but had a series of life changing events, that now have her on the verge of homelessness. She explained, "I was never on the lease I have tried to pay the rent for my father but I had a severe fall in the 2016 on their stairs.in 2017 I was extremely ill with kidney stone pyelonephritis and E. coli and in a custody battle."

If you are interested in helping her out, here is the link to her GoFundMe

John Witherspoon said he and Chris Tucker were only paid $5K for the first Friday film.

At present, there are discussions about the possibility of a fourth and final film in the Friday franchise, Last Friday. One year ago, Friday co-writer DJ Pooh told Drink Champs that the film script is in the works, “Me and [Ice] Cube haven’t worked together in a while, but we’re working on Last Friday…we’re working on Last Friday.”