Lira Galore Wants Pierre 'Pee' Thomas Fined  & Thrown In Jail For Violating The Court Orders

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The custody battle between Lira Galore and baby daddy Pierre "Pee" Thomas has taken another dark twist, as the Instagram model is requesting that a judge fine him $11,000 and throw him in jail for allegedly violating a court order.

According to court documents obtained by BOSSIP, Lira says that Pee has posted private info online, leaked damaging data to third parties and refused to provide details about the entire state of his finances.

She claims that he commented publicly on Instagram about a story the outlet posted, alleging that he was sending child support monthly and hadn't seen the baby girl in 10 months. Pee also, in December, posted a series of tweets between them that appeared to show that Lira may have been taking drugs while she was pregnant.

She denied the allegations.

A judge is yet to rule.