Lira Galore is asking a judge to grant her a restraining order against Quality Control Music's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas, the father of her daughter.

According to TMZ, Lira filed docs seeking a temporary protective order against Pee calling his behavior last week "menacing" during a court hearing for custody of 9-month-old, Khaleesi.

Lira says not only can she cite previous violent behavior from the industry exec, but also alleges that Thomas kept trying to speak to her, including approaching her in an "intimidating nature" and attempted to get her phone number at the courthouse.

Lira also claims while they were sitting across from each other in a conference room, he kept glaring at her and made her extremely uncomfortable. He also allegedly took pictures of her during the sitdown and when she tried to leave the room with her lawyer, she says that he stood in the doorway to block her exit and proceeded to harass her.

She also says that the incident was intimidating for her attorney, "for the first time in her legal career, felt unsafe in the courtroom," she stated.

Thomas has denied all allegations against him.