Lira Galore has officially confirmed that she is pregnant.

She confirmed the news via her Instagram page, where she wrote a lengthy post explaining why she has kept things so hush-hush:

"I chose to keep you a secret because I had to protect the energy I was exposing you to. On this day Christmas 2018 I’m ready to tell everyone about you bc this is THE greatest gift. Even though Daddy & I planned you & made you out of love, When I first learned that you were really coming I still was unsure & scared about bringing you into the horrors of this world. I questioned myself on if I’d be good enough for the responsibility of caring for one of God’s angels ..scared I wouldn’t AT ALL measure up to the mom my mother was to me . I mean, What big shoes to fill ? I cried to her about you & she ensured me that she wasn’t worried AT ALL about me & that I’d be the Best mommy! I can’t wait to love you! bc I have so much of it to give. I finally have something to call my own & that will love me unconditionally. Im so anxious & antsy to meet you. Im obsessed with you, i dream about you, I listen to your heartbeat everyday, You are so special to me already. Please Hurry up, come early if you want .. ?? sincerely, Mommy . See you soon ! #22Weeks #MiniMe"

Lira is reportedly pregnant by her fiance, Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas who is rumored to also be expecting a baby with an Instagram model named Kaylar Will.