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Lionel From The JEFFERSON'S Daughter Speaks . . . Claims He Was An 'ABUSIVE' Father!!!


Mike Evans is best known for plying the character “Lionel,” on the 1970s hit TV series “The Jeffersons.” But while we were getting to know Mike Evans, the actor, his daughter, Carlena Harris, was apparently getting to know him as her dad

And Carlena doesnt have very many good things to say about Mike. She claims that the actor neglected her all of her life. Carlena did a recent interview The Charay Vaughn Show - where she aired out her father.

Here's what she said:

Carlena Harris: My mother and my grandmother raised me 100%. My father he was just…he was alive, but he definitely wasn’t involved and at times he would even say he didn’t know who my father was, so…he wasn’t even always claiming me, but at times he would, you know. But was he a good father?

No, never was a good father…and so at [age] 13 we actually concluded this foolishness and took a blood test and [the results] came out 99.9% [that he was my father]. At that point, he couldn’t say I wasn’t his anymore.

But after that, he [still] just chose for whatever reason, to continue being separate and I just had to live with the fact that I didn’t have an…earthly father who wanted me, but the thing with that is it certainly caused me to be closer to my heavenly father and got me to a point where I was content. I guess…I could have a human father, but a human father can only do but so much, but when the God of the universe is your daddy, it certainly makes a difference and I’m walking in that now.

And Mike's life took a turn for the worse in 2006 - when he died of cancer:

CH: He died in December of ’06 and it’s interesting because he actually died of throat cancer. He was a smoker [and he died] without a tongue in his mouth, broke and very miserable. And so uh, it was actually quite a sad and tragic death and he ultimately died in his mother’s house.

Here's the interview: