Twitter Is Making Fun Of Kelly Rowland's 'Messy' Quarantine Braids!!

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Kelly Rowland lives in Los Angeles - a city under mandated lockdown by the government. Hair salons have been closed in the city and surrounding areas for over two months.

So it's difficult for celebrities to keep their hair as fresh as usual.

Kelly Rowland was spotted out yesterday, wearing some loc braids. The style was cute, even though it was clear that it probably needed a bit of a refresh.

But people on Twitter were not willing to give Kelly a break. They quickly began roasting Kelly. Here are some of the comments:

Kelly braids look like she did them herself

She doesn't just have new growth, she's got old growth too.

Kelly girl if the son is closed go to Beyonce's. You know she got a stylist there.

How she got an afro with braids sitting on top.

Here are the images of Kelly:


In 2014, Rowland married her manager, Tim Weatherspoon, in an intimate beach ceremony. Some six months later, she gave birth to their son, Titan. “When he came about, everything was no longer about doing things the right way,” Rowland says. “I was always so worried about being perfect. I thought, Well, if it looks like this, then they’ll like it. They’ll like me. If it sounds like this, then it’s going to be great. It’s going to work. Each time, I would let myself down.”

This next album, she explains, needs to be her absolute best yet — not because she had something to prove to herself. This time, she has something to prove to her family.