'Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club' star Kailah Casillas did not get off to a good start with her boss on the show, and viewers could see her firing coming a mile off.

But Kailah is claiming that Lindsay Lohan is not sober, despite her claims that she is, in fact, she is claiming quite the opposite.

“I didn’t see her doing any drugs; I can’t say that I did. I will say, in my own opinion, throughout all of the time that I was there, she was far from sober,” Kailah told Us Weekly. “But that’s my own personal opinion.”

The 26-year-old Brand Ambassador also explained why her entrance was so rocky. She explained that Lohan didn't even want to shake her hand on the first day as was acting frostily towards her.

A rep for Lohan responded to Kailah’s allegations. 

“Lindsay knows what’s best for her company and clearly, made the right decision letting Kailah go. Her inappropriate, mean girl comments will not be tolerated or taken seriously,” her team told Us.