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Lindsay Lohan has finally responded to her beef with Paris Hilton after Paris recently called her "lame and embarrassing' live on air.

Lindsay appeared on Australia's 'Kyle and Jackie O' show, where she subtly shaded Paris.

"Who's that?" Lohan said when asked about Paris.

"Nothing really makes me angry," the 'The Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club star said. "I have no problems with anyone in my life, and I'm grateful for that. I'm a very loving person."

"I mean, if it's going to be good press for someone else, even in a negative way, then I'll pray for them," she added. 

The reality star then continued:

"I think when you're younger, it hits you a little differently, but as time goes on, you age and you kind of roll with the punches. You realize... don't sweat the small stuff."

But Lohan insists that her partying days are behind her.

"That was so in my past. Most of my friends [now], actually, who own nightclubs and stuff, aren't drinkers or anything."

"Because I'm running [Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club], I have to be on it and I have to keep myself busy," she added. "It's more fun to watch other people have their own fun with what they're doing. There's no judgment in it though. It has nothing to do with my past."

Here's what Paris said about her: