Linda Fairstein, the Manhattan prosecutor who led the case against the 'Central Park Five' reportedly refused to consult with Netflix about the miniseries if they spoke with her victims.

“Her point of view was clearly that she didn’t want us talking to the five men if we were talking to her," producer Jane Rosenthal said per Variety. Ava DuVernay, who was also present, confirmed the news.

Rosenthal also added Fairstein was under a gag order following an explosive 2012 documentary from filmmaker Ken Burns, but “perhaps she wanted to talk to us because she had other offers, and she was also concerned that we were talking to the five men.”

Since the release of 'When They See Us,' Fairstein has been forced to resign from several charity boards and has been dropped by her longtime publisher.

"I can confirm that Linda Fairstein and Dutton have decided to terminate their relationship. We have no further comment," Dutton Publicity Director Amanda Walker told the BBC. Dutton is an imprint of publishing giants, Random House.