A video has surfaced online, which appears to show Lil Yachty and his team beating a man who was allegedly trash-talking at Rolling Loud, TMZ reports.

In the video, Yachty (wearing the orange jacket from his performance earlier) and his crew are seen in a heated exchange with the man before Yachty lets off a punch.

As the man tries to flee, the rapper and his crew then chase the man down and kick and stomp on him before they all exit the venue. The victim then manages to get up and leave the festival.

Yachty spoke on Monday about the alleged attack:

"A guy walked in the middle of my group and pushed me. Just being blatantly disrespectful and causing a scene. It doesn't really show any of that, and I don't appreciate that. It's corny. It makes it look like we're just picking a fight. I'm not a problematic person. I just don't pick fights." 

So far, the incident has not been reported to the cops.