Lil Yachty Pays Fan $500 To Drink Their Own Urine!!


Self-quarantine really has people at home bored with nothing to do -- and rapper Lil Yachty decided to provide his followers with some entertainment by offering to pay a fan $500 to drink his own urine.

And shockingly the fan obliged!

The guy went to the toilet and filled his glass with pee, which was already sitting in there, and proceeded to drink it. Yachty looks stunned as the fan begins to down the urine.

The rapper can be heard encouraging the fan, telling him to "keep going."

"Keep going, keep going, keep going. Hit it. You got it, keep going," he tells him. The fan continues drinking the amber liquid until the entire cup is finished. We think he definitely earned that $500.

Some of the rapper's fans were unimpressed by the video and called him out online for getting his supporters to drink his own pee, but Yachty says he didn't force the fan to drink it and was unrepentant.