Rapper Lil Xan has revealed that he has been trying to live a sober life, but that quitting drugs cold turkey caused him to have seizures.

He opened up to TMZ about his battle:

"You guys remember back when everyone was like, 'Oh, Diego's M.I.A. Where's Diego at' and stuff? I was in the hospital..because I stopped taking drugs...I went cold turkey 'cause I didn't want to be on drugs no more. But the withdrawals actually gave me seizures, you know what I mean? It was a wake-up call," he told the breaking-news outlet.

According to Xan - he's now clean.

He continued, "They said it was from going cold turkey off Xanax. I wanted to stop drugs completely, but I did it the wrong way, you know. I did it cold turkey, and I had a couple seizures. I tried to bullshit and say I was sick, but I just wasn't ready until right now to let the world know. Yea, I'm completely sober now."