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Lil Xan hasn't already been out of rehab for a week and he has already been detained by the cops.

Sharing the incident on Instagram, Lil Xan had the cops called on him for playing his music too loudly at the Airbnb he was staying at. The officers were simply requesting that he turn down his music but Xan did not want to oblige them.

He posted the following caption:

"not a gated community just playing music at 10 having a good sunday lol cops came with hands on there guns asking me to put my hands where i can see them and i did. Detained for no reason and these cops profiled me for the way i look,Anyone who thinks wants to say i’m not sober can think that but i’m Completely sober and was acting very calm... Just gonna leave this video here ! everyone have a good day tho 💔 witsooooomuchluvvvvv!"

Now, we're not huge fans of the cops but in this instance, we think Xan is in the wrong. He should have just turned the music down. He wasn't even staying at his own house. He is reportedly staying at the AirBnB because his new home has been damaged by a burst water pipe.

Comments on the post have been turned off, so it's pretty likely that others felt he should've just turned down the volume.