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Rapper Lil Xan has announced that he will be taking a break from social media in an Instagram post to his fans.

"sad,mad,confused. I Love you guys no matter what tho and to all the haters feel free to use me as a punching bag for your own insecurities,going mia for awhile,need to get away from the devil (social media) but if you see me on the street say wassup" he wrote in the post.

The post comes just days after an interview he did with the 'No Jumper' podcast in which he admitted that she wasn't sure if his ex-girlfriend Annie Smith's pregnancy was real or not.

“I did not fake a pregnancy. I saw two pregnancy tests with the line that said, ‘You’re pregnant,’ and I was like, ‘OK, so she’s definitely pregnant.’ But I didn’t watch her pee," he said during the interview.

“It pisses me off, though, because if I’m right … people are like, ‘Lil Xan faked his pregnancy.’ When I literally was just like with everyone else here, thinking that I had a baby on the way.”

He also revealed on the podcast that Annie allowed him to have sex with other women while he was away on tour.

"She lets me f*ck b*tches," he said. "She knew. She'd see me go into the bathroom with other girls on the tour bus, at shows." 

"I told Annie, like, bro, I love you and you love me, but she loves me way more than I love her."