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Lil Wayne's EX-Wife Toya Came Back From COLOMBIA . . . With A New BOOTY! (PICS)


Toya Wright looks great. She gave birth to her adorable daughter Reign just six months ago - and her snap back is impressive. But MTO News learned that Toya may have gotten some help.

You see, one of her GAL PALS tells us that Toya took a trip to Colombia two months ago, and got a few NIPS AND TUCKS. Toya's pal told MTO News, "It's not a big deal that's where all the girls go to get their body snatched. Either Columbia or the [Dominican Republic.]

And we took a good look at Toya's new post-pregnancy body, and there is one noticeable change. While Toya always had some nice curves, she didn't have a very PRONOUNCED BUTT. Well the doctors in Colombia appeared to have helped her out in that capacity.

Here's a pic of Toya's brand new booty:


Besides her amazing body, Toya recently got VERY real with fans about what its like to have postpartum issues. . . 

In a video posted to her Instagram, she shared the unexpected side effect of giving birth to her bundle of joy — postpartum alopecia.

Postpartum Alopecia Is so real... I didn’t know why my hair was falling out. I just noticed my edges and the middle of my hair were getting super thin. Every time I would wash my hair it would come out in chunks. I’ve always had full edges. I did some research and found out that new moms are surprised to be shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it's perfectly normal. there's no need to panic: Your hair should be back to normal around your baby's first birthday.