Lil Wayne's Ex Nivea Looks 'HIGH' In Video . . . Has 'BOBBY BROWN JAW'!!

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Lil Wayne's ex Nivea is planning a career comeback. She made a video, along with BET, showing off her comeback and her new life. Word is that she's expecting to star in a reality tv show on the channel.

But the video of Nivea has people talking - and saying that she appeared to be "high" on some type of narcotic. In the video, Nivea is talking fast, and appears jittery - which are two common symptoms of people who have recently taken narcotics.

Nivea has been absent from the spotlight for a while and the singer recently revealed that she battled a devastating drug addiction for years.

And that's not all. Some people are suggesting that she has "Bobby Brown jaw." Bobby Brown jaw is when a person continually grinds their teeth while talking. Over time, their top and bottom jaws appear to move independently.

Bobby Brown Jaw often occurs with people who take narcotics frequently.

In addition to being Lil Wayne's ex, and his son's mother - Nivea had a successful music career of her own.

“My experience with cocaine, that wasn’t something I felt public with where people want to party. It didn’t do none of that for me. It was more of a mental thing. I had a different reaction than most people. I wanted to be alone. It was a personal drug. I wanted to write, play Sudoku, it put me in my head,” Nivea said.

According to Nivea, addiction was in her blood thanks to both of her parents.

“I come from an addicted family, both of my parents were on crack. My mom got off and my dad struggled over the years, and recently, over the past year, went to rehab, but that was the last 30 years of my life,” she said. “The struggle is real. I was real caught up with the cocaine situation. It was pretty bad. I pulled myself up out of it though.”

She explained the thought of losing her children is what prompted her to pull herself off of the dangerous path she was on.