Lil Wayne's Daughter Appears To Have S*X On Live W/ Rapper BF!! (Video)

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Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae and rapper boyfriend YFN Lucci appeared to livestream a s*xual encounter yesterday. The couple broke up last month, after allegations came out that he may have gotten a stripper pregnant.

But the two worked it out, and are back together again. And Reginae and Lucci decided to have a little fun on camera.

During a livestream, Lucci came up behind Reginae, pulled up her dress, and appeared to engage in a s*x act with the 19 year old girl.

The couple smiled on camera, and seemed to be having fun. The video did not reveal any explicit nudity - but it was highly suggestive.

Here is the video that she shared with her fans:

The couple has had a tumultuous relationship of breaking up and getting back together again. They broke up as early as August but now it seems that they are back together. 

Reginae, who started her third year at Spelman College this year, allegedly  dumped him after it was revealed that YFN Lucci was cheating on her with STRIPPERS...

Lucci was caught several times this year cheating, earlier this summer the rapper was caught on tape throwing money at and touching a group of strippers during a party hosted by Blac Youngsta in California.

In the videos, which Youngsta posted to his Instagram Story, the strippers were all naked.

After the clips went viral, YFN strangely deleted all photos of his girlfriend, Reginae, from his Instagram account, leading many to believe that they had broken up.