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Lil Wayne's Daughter Buys BOYFRIEND YFN Lucci . . . Brand New TEETH!! (Pics)

Reginae is doing her best to UPGRADE her rapper boyfriend YFN Lucci. Her latest attempt at having her man LEVEL UP - is getting him new teeth. Reginae sent her bae to the top cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, and paid for his new choppers.

It wasn't like Lucci really needed new teeth, . His original teeth looked fine But Reginae wanted her man to have a perfect smile , so she dropped the $20K it cost to get his smile straightened out.

Check out what his teeth USED to look like:


And this is him now, after Reginae gt the man his new set of choppers:


Reginae and Lucci have been thick as thieves, but they've run into some trouble over recent months. Most recently, "27 year old gangster rapper YFN Lucci and his girlfriend Reginae Carter (19) were taken into police custody - after a shootout at an after hours party in Knoxville, Tennessee. Eventually both were released from custody - without being charged. But Reginae is asking for trouble. MTO News spoke with one of Reginae's girlfriends and she claims that Nae Nae has allegedly smuggled her boyfriend's gun into an Atlanta club."

The insider told MTO News, "Lucci always gets checked and so do his boys." Nae's friend continued, "But Reginae doesn't get checked and so she brought Lucci's gun."

Wow . . . . we hope that Reginae is not getting involved in any kids of illegal activity.

After videos of the alleged arrest started going viral, Reginae decided to address the breaking news. The 19-year-old said she was OK and that she was not arrested.

She did not answer questions on whether Lucci was eventually arrested.

Commenters seemed disappointed with Reginae, who is a straight A student at Atlanta's Spelman College.