Rap legend Lil Wayne appears to be beefing with his top protege, Aubrey "Drake" Graham. And this new beef is growing just as Lil Wayne is promoting his new album Funeral, which launched two days ago.

Wayne will appear on the upcoming episode of Nore's Drink Champ's podcast. And during the interview, Weezy fires shots at Drake.

Nore instigates the beef, by asking Wayne, "Even though Drake is your artist, he sends you a record, you still taking his head off?" Completely stonefaced, Wayne nods, and says "Yeah." 

The Drink Champs hosts immediately burst into a howling laughter, seemingly happy that they got Wayne to admit to cracks in his relationship with Drake.

But Wayne continued, saying that he will beat Drake, "All day." And added, "I'm letting him know when he send it like, make sure your mom and them don't be listening to this." 

Wow. We can't wait to see how Drake responds . . .