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Lil Wayne Daughter Reginae BACK TOGETHER w/ Lucci - Possibly PREGNANT!

Rapper Lil Wayne's daughter is back together with her estranged rapper boyfriend Lucci. The couple broke up last year when Reginae caught Lucci cheating on her with at least 3 other women.

But now MTO News has confirmed that the two are back together again - and we have PROOF.

Here's a pic of Lucci last night, with his chef:


And look at Reginae - appearing to be at Lucci's house with the same chef:


And there's more. Multiple people on social media who claim to be associated with Reginae are also saying that she appears pregnant.

One Atlanta gal posted on Twitter that Reginae "looked pregnant." Another Instagram model called Reginae's stomach a "baby bump."


That would certainly explain the large amount of food - in particular carbohydrates that Reginae is eating on Instagram.

Reginae's apparent reconciliation with Lucci and possible pregnancy is a surprising turn of events for fans after she went on record in April this year saying she would "never date a rapper again."