Lil Wayne Buys Diamond 'SATAN' CHAIN . . . To Celebrate The Carter 5!! (Illuminati??)

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Rapper Lil Wayne's new album The Carter 5 is doing BIG NUMBERS. Early reports show that it will end up being one of the best selling album releases of the entire 2018.

But now some people are suggesting that Wayne may have used "satanic" forces, to help him with is comeback.

A growing chorus of people on social media are calling out Weezy - and suggesting that he may be affiliated with the "Illuminati" or some "satanic" cult.

Well Lil Wayne may be adding more fuel to the fire. He just released pics and video of his new chain.

Wayne bought a $250K Baphomet chain. The Baphomet is an ancient symbol that represents Satan.

Look at the chain: