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Rapper Lil Wayne was caught on camera, appearing to do a line of cocaine, during an recent interview with hip hop artist Nore.

Lil Wayne has admitted to his struggles with drug addiction in the past. So this new video really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Or maybe it should, since this was an interview!

Here is the video:

Wayne appeared on The Drink Champs podcast this week, to promote his new album Funeral. During the hour long interview, Lil Wayne smoked a lot of weed. But the Lollipop rapper also appeared to be hopped up - on some type of narcotic as well.

Then at some point in the video, Wayne is seen bending his head out of camera range, and snorting hard. Afterwards, his eyes appear more widely opened, and his energy level is much higher.

Folks online are speculating that he did a line of coke, and then continued the interview.