In the past few months, rap superstar Lil Uzi has been taking shots at his former mentor DJ Drama. 

At first, many Uzi fans were wondering why the rapper had so much disdain for the man who ushered him into hip hop. Well now some tea has just been spilled, which explains why Uzi's so tight!

DJ Akademiks said on the latest episode of his talk show Everyday Struggle, that Uzi signed a deal with DJ Drama that was so one-sided - DJ Drama gets "90% of Uzi's earnings."


Yesterday Uzi went on a Twitter rant and said to DJ Drama “you broke” and that he “need me to drop so you can pay your rent.”

But should Uzi blame Drama, if he was dumb enough to sign the deal?  If he really signed a contract like that, then he’s the only man to blame in this case. 

He shouldn't really be mad at Drama, because he’s a business man - although it is snakish to have anyone sign a contract like that.