Lil Twist Airs Out GUHH Co-Stars For Slamming Production

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Over the past few months, several Growing Up Hip Hop cast members have called out production over poor editing -- but Lil Twist says they knew what they were getting into.

"Moral of the story ONLY GIVE OFF WHAT U WANT THE WORLD TO SEE, AND DONT GET MAD WHEN THEY SEE IT AND MAKE AN OPINION ON IT. ITS TV. #ItWasAllGoodJustAWeekAgo #NowItsAnACTUALCoolN_OnTheShowEverybodyQuittin coo now we get to see something entertaining" he tweeted.

He posted his series on tweets as screenshots to his Instagram, captioning the post:

"If it look like a duck, quack like a duck, what is it ??? I been seeing a lot of BS on this World Wide Web today 🤔 AFTER 5 WHOLE SEASONS , NOW ITS ALL FAKE??? Ima start having the homies hold a camera and film all the behind the scenes! There's 2 sides to every story but ONE camera lens"

Is he right?