LIL TAY'S Mom Is FLEXING On Instagram . . . 'This Pu**y Got The . . . Yum Yum Sauce.'

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Lil Tay is a nine year old controversial social media star - who uses foul language and racial stereotypes against Black and Asian people - to gain notoriety. Recently she's been coming under fire by people who believe that her MOTHER is being unfair to the child- by putting her up to all the shenanigans.

Well Lil Tay's mom decided to get into the action. The older Asian woman started putting out videos of her own - where she's "flexing". Tay's mom is on video wearing "Gucci" and carrying thousands of dollars in cash.

And in one video she weighed in on the Drake baby mama drama. According to Tay's mom - Drake would enever have left her if he impregnated the Asian lady. Because Tay's mom explains, "He would have never left because this p*ssy has yum yum sauce."

You have to see it to believe it:

In other Lil Tay news, the young girl recently returned to social media after taking some time off because she was criticized heavily for being ratchet. Lil Tay is returning to the spotlight with a new docuseries called Life with Lil Tay. The multipart series will offer an inside look at Lil and “her oversized, rebellious personality.” In a teaser trailer for the series, the nine-year-old star does what she’s always done: pose with fans, toss around money, and yell about her Maserati.

"The circumstances around Lil Tay’s fame have always been troubling," according to reports. Her profanity-filled videos — whether she’s bragging about a new Ferrari to “all y’all broke-ass haters,” showering the concrete in hundred-dollar bills, or bragging about a new Lamborghini to YouTuber Jake Paul — and beefing with other viral stars like “cash me outside” girl Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli quickly rocketed her into the zeitgeist.