Lil Snupe's Dad: Meek Mill & Jay-Z REFUSED To Pay For My Son's Funeral!!


The father of later rapper Lil Snupe called out Meek Mill and Jay-Z for not giving his son an adequate gravestone.

Charlie was behind bars when he son was buried, so was unable to make the arrangements himself. Snupe was signed to Dream Chasers Records, a joint venture between Meek Mill and Roc Nation.


"You need to see what muthaf*ckin' Nipsey Hussle's look like, you need to see what muthaf*ckin' King Von's sh*t look like. This n*gga ain't got no muthaf* ckin' headstone on this sh*t. God damn. I never thought I'd come see my muthaf* ckin' son and he'd have no muthaf* ckin' headstone.

He continued: "There should be a monument up to this n* gga's sh*t. Man, what the f*ck went on? Did Meek Mill see him get put in the ground? Was Meek Mill around here to see him get put in the ground? He wasn't around here to see him put in the ground? But he came and seen him in the casket?"

He added, "Supposed to see n*ggas put in the f* ckin' ground, man. I don't know what the f*ck going on, why the n*gga ain't got no muthaf* ckin' headstone. Sh*t ain't supposed to be like this. He was affiliated with Roc Nation. JAY-Z, I see you f*ck with goddamn your kids to the fullest. You love Blue Ivy and them. I love Lil Snupe. Don't get it twisted … Ain't been no rappers down here that was f*cking with Lil Snupe? One of them n*ggas in the rap game? One of them major ass n*ggas? Y'all dudes say y'all solid, man. … Snupe wouldn't have did y'all like that, bruh."