Angela Simmons and Lil Romeo used to be good friends, and the two were also romantically involved. But now Romeo wants nothing to do with Angela, because he claims she's "going backwards."

Romeo Miller gave his thoughts on Angela during the new season of Growing Up Hip Hop, and it was explosive.

In a new clip that just leaked, Romeo explains to Vanessa Simmons that he cut off the friendship with Angela Simmons because he feels like at this point it's "more harm than good."

According to Romeo, he doesn't follow Angela on social media, and has no contact with her.

If you think this seems a little drastic. Romeo had a lot more to say about Angela.

Romeo claims that Angela is "more serious" with Bow Wow than she lets on, and and she "keeps running back to him" whenever she can. Romeo thinks that Bow Wow is not right for Angela, whom he considered a "good girl."

On the Bow Wow friendship/relationship, Romeo said, "the people you choose to be with says a lot about you."

Then Romeo gave his harshest critique of Angela - essentially saying that she's trying to become an Insta-thot. Romeo says that Angela doesn't have to do certain things - like thirst trapping in bikinis on IG - because she's "Angela Simmons." 

Unfortunately, according to Romeo, Angela behaves that way because she "likes the camera."

Here's the explosive clip:

And here's an example of Angela thirst trapping on IG last week.