Comedian Lil Rel Howery has revealed that he has not been a fan of R. Kelly for quite some time, and here's why...

Rel first crossed paths with Kelly when he worked as a stand-in for Michael K. Williams' character on Kelly's Trapped In The Closet. He said while on set, he met a female stand in, and they began chatting. But the day after, the woman refused to communicate with him at all.

"There was another stand-in, a young lady that was actually one of his background dancers too for a couple of his tours. We were just talking the whole time, getting to know each other, laughing, and having a good time," he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "But every time she laughed, I found him just, like, staring at me. So we come back to set the next day right, and she's not talking to us at all, right? At all!"

He continued: "I pulled her to the side, and I'm like 'Yo, did I do something?' and she was like 'Nah, he doesn't want me talking to y'all' and I was like 'Who?' and she's like 'Robert!' So she didn't talk to us the rest of the time we were filming it, and it was just, like, it was just crazy, and I remember him smirking about it."

Lil Rel then said that Kelly tried to invite him backstage at a show to meet him, but he turned him down.