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Lil Reese Responds After New Project Sells Just 500 Copies!!

Lil Reese hopped on Twitter to clap back at his critics after his new project managed to sell just 500 copies.

The Chicago rapper's six-track Lamron 1 EP was projected to sell roughly 500 units. 

"They stupid ass don't know the difference between a mixtape which is free and a album," he tweeted. "I drop mixtape haven't drop 1 album yet."

The poor sales come just weeks after he got into a back and forth with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine whose album also flopped.

Tekashi sold over 50,000 copies of his project -- but considering he was reported to have inked a deal for over $10 million with his label, the rapper was banking on Tattle Tales topping the charts.

Twitter had a field day.

"Lil Reese made fun of Quando for selling 3,500 first week then he dropped his sh*t and sold 500. Then got on twitter saying "it's a mixtape". 🥱 ohh brother yea yea yea lol," one fan tweeted.

Here are a few other tweets.