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Lil Reese On Famous Dex: This Crack Head Must Be Gettin Paid From 69!!

The beef between Famous Dex and Lil Reese continued -- and Reese says he thinks Dex has taken a check from Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Dex then said the following in a rant against Reese: 

"Them boys made you sh*t on yourself, boy. You better be cool. You b*tch ass lil' boy. You f*ggot ass n*gga. You just saw me over there when I was shooting dice with yo b*tch ass and you ain't said nothin' bro. Stop going to the internet bro. Stop doing all that. You's a b*tch, Lil Reese. You's a real life ho. On my son."

Reese caught wind of the rant and tweeted:

"This coke head crack head ass n*gga must be gettin paid from 69."

Dex has had problems with addiction in the past. Fans were concerned when he once hopped on Instagram Live, and fell asleep while smoking as the cigar appeared to burn into his hand.