Lil Pump is boldly claiming that he is the "King of Miami" now that he and his label have parted ways.

The rapper took to social media to make the claims, while also stating that he would not ink another deal with a label for anything less than $20 million.

"N*ggas better stop playing with me like I'm not the king of Miami, n*gga. I got 150 shooters in Miami. Stop playing with me," he said.

"It's already the 22nd. You know what that mean, b*tch. I'ma f*cking free agent. F*ck you talking 'bout, n*gga. I ain't got no label no more. Free-agent way and I ain't signing less than $20 mill, ho."

Last week, Pump made headlines after he revealed that he cheated a prostitute out of her coins after bedding her. He went on social media and proudly told the world that after they did the deed, he verbally abused her and refused to pay her. 

We wonder if a label wants to snap him up anytime soon?