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Lil Pump Fans Think He's About To Come Out As Gay

Fans of Lil Pump think the rapper could be preparing to come out as gay after his last few posts show the rapper committing to his feminine side.

In his latest video, Pump is seen in a Chanel ladies fit, painted toenails and has long, pink fingernails.

"gucci gay gucci gay gucci gay gucci gay" one fan wrote.

"There's still time to delete this 😂😂"another commented.

While another fan wrote, "If you gay just say that 😂😂"

Lil Pump appears to have lost his way since Donald Trump lost the presidency. He vowed to leave the country if Trump lost, but he's still here and nobody is interested in any of his music.

In November at a rally, Trump invited the rapper onstage during his rally in Michigan. "Speaking of sound, music and other things, one of the big superstars of the world, Little Pimp," Trump said.


It was a humiliating moment. Trump didn't even know his name.