Lil Pump Explains Why He Shaved Off His Eyebrows


Rapper Lil Pump has been making headlines lately, not because of his music but because he shaved off his eyebrows completely.

Recently, the rapper explained to his fans why he made the controversial move, and is blaming it all on Tiger King star Carole Baskin.

"So the reason I shaved my eyebrows is 'cause that b*tch Carole Baskin, god damn it, she killed her husband and fed him to the god damn tigers!" he said. "THAT STUPID B*TCH CAROL BASKIN," he captioned the post.

Blaming Baskin is a trend that began on social media after the docuseries aired. Star Joe Exotic blamed her for everything on the show, and it has become somewhat of a running joke.

Recently, local police revealed that they are once again looking for leads into the disappearance of her second husband, Don Lewis. It is believed by some that Baskin killed Lewis and fed him to her tigers.