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Lil Pump Denies Owing $90K In Taxes

Lil Pump says he does not owe $90,000 to the IRS.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Lil Pump has not paid his 2019 tax bill and owes the government $89,378.68. The outlet has also reported that the IRS has placed a lien on Pump's $5 million mansion in Miami.

Lil Pump must pay his taxes or lose his assets.

The rapper hopped on social media to deny the outlet's claims.

"Listen, do not believe the internet. That sh*t is all cap bruh! $90,000? That's on my wrist right now. Another 90, that's on my neck. Don't play with my body," he said.

He added, "Don't play with my body. Look, I have made over 15 million dollars, you know what the tax bill on 15 million dollars is? B*tch, $90k ain't sh*t to me. Stop playing with my bod." 

Lil Pump is not always known for telling the truth. He promised to leave the country if Trump lost the election and he's still here.