Lil Pump, who rose to fame after releasing his 2017 hit single, "Gucci Gang" has stated that he has decided to join the Gucci boycott - but that he will still perform the hit song.

"Hey listen, with all that sh*t going on with Gucci. I am not supporting that sh*t. All that racist sh*t, no sir! No, sir!" he said on Instagram Live.

"That done song changed my life. That's the only reason why I will keep performing that song, 'cause that's the song that changed my life. I went from broke to rich to that song. So, you know, it is what it is."

Since the blackface controversy, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele released a statement:

"The fact that, contrarily to my intentions, that turtle-neck jumper evoked a racist imagery causes me the greatest grief. But I am aware that sometimes our actions can end up with causing [sic] unintentional effects. It is therefore necessary taking full accountability for these effects."