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Lil Pump has finally stepped forward and apologized for lyrics which included a racial slur.

The rapper released a clip of a new track "Butterfly Doors," in which he says the following lyrics:

"Smokin’ on dope/ They call me Yao Ming ‘cause my eyes real low ching chong.”

The slur caused outrage on social media, and at first, Asian rapper Awkwafina hopped online to call Lil Pump out for the derogatory bars - but he did not respond.

Chinese rapper Lil Yijie, also known as Pissy, then dropped a diss track called “FXXX LIL PUMP” in response to “Butterfly Doors.”

“I seen the whole thing going on on the internet and all that. I came here to tell you from my part that I’m sorry and I apologize for posting that. It was not my intentions to hurt nobody or do none of that. I got Asian homies, you know. I f*ck with everybody, and I got nothing against nobody. It’s all love.” 

Watch the video below.