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Rapper Lil Nas X may have come out of the closet last summer, but it seems that there is at least one lady he's got the hots for - TDE songstress SZA, and the "Old Country Road" singer hopped on Instagram to shoot his shot.

Nas shared two images of SZA wearing a revealing, black designer dress at the Oscars.

"call me old fashioned, but i was raised to serve my queen. clean for her. cook for her and everything i do is for her. and if she cheats? that is on me! she caught me slipping and i will apologize and do better," he wrote alongside her.

His words could be in jest, but in the comments section, many think that the star may well have sincerely had his head turned by the singer.

Ya'll think Lil Nas X wants a piece of SZA for real, or is he just trolling?