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Lil Nas X has responded to rapper Dave East's criticism of his viral hit “Old Town Road” who trashed his single last week.

Speaking on the 'Zach Zang Show' Lil Nas addressed the controversy after East called his no.1 single "wack":

“That f*ckin’ ‘Old Town Road’ sh*t is fucking wack,” East said. “I don’t know what the f*ck is going on with hip-hop, with rap but…I ain’t no hater, man, but that sh*t is wack with a cape on it. It’s super wack!”

But Lil Nas does not care about the hate.

“I honestly have gotten this question so many, it’s like, I have the No. 1 song in the country,” he said. “I do not give a f*ck about what Dave East is saying.”

He also spoke about beating Drake’s first week stream record.

“It’s Drake, [He’s] been in the game for so long and made so many records. Even the record I broke. It’s insane.”

Peep the full interview below: