When rapper Lil Nas X came out as "gay" over the summer - it was major news. Lil Nas X was the first big name hip hop artist to ever come out as gay.

But not everyone believed him. At the time, there were a few doubters, who speculated that Lil Nas X's "coming out" was just a carefully constructed marketing campaign, designed to get him more attention.

Those doubters didn't believe that Lil Nas X was gay at all - he was just a clout chaser.

Now those doubters may have a little bit more fuel to their fire.

Yesterday the rapper was caught flirting online with the gorgeous Claremont twins. And he appeared to be trying to link up with the sexy sisters.

The allegedly "gay" rapper invited the girls over - and suggested that they engage in a threesome.

Here's what Lil Nas X said:

And in case you're wondering - these are the girls he invited over so they can "sit on it." 

Last July, Shannade Clermont—one half of the Instagram-famous Clermont Twins, was arrested on charges stemming from the allegation that she stole a deceased man's credit card and transferred money from his bank account into her own. She later pled guilty to one felony account of wire fraud, and, she was officially sentenced to 12-months of jail time.

Clermont was ordered to spend 12 months in prison, with three years of probation after her release, according to Paper, which had a reporter present at the time of her sentencing. Judge Naomi Buchwald also ordered that Clermont come up with $5,000 in restitution and a $100 fine for "special assessment." While giving out her sentence, the judge stated that Clermont wrongly "chose to steal the victim's credit card information without calling 911."