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R&B singer Lil Mo split with her husband Karl Dragan earlier this year. According to Lil Mo, she left him, because he was "abusive."

Now Lil Mo is speaking out openly, about the last time that her husband allegedly got physical.

In a recent interview, the Grammy nominated singer explained that she left her husband after he spit on her.

Mo claims that the incident happened as soon as they came back from filming Marriage Boot Camp.

The two were supposed to have a family day, but Karl didn't show up. And when he finally came home, he was drunk and started yelling at her.

Mo told the interviewer that she has an audio recording of the incident, and she had to play in court to get an order of protection against him.

Mo went on, saying that Karl was drunk and about to leave in her car , so she ran after him. Mo's daughter may have saved her life - by grabbing her and telling her “mommy stop” 

And the Karl allegedly did the unthinkable - he threw steaming hot tea at Mo and then flung his iPhones at her also.