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R&B legend and talk show host Lil Mo opened up with her fans today, about her recent battle with a opiod addiction - that battle lasted for many years.

But luckily, MTO News can report that she's beat it.

According to Lil Mo, her addiction got so bad that she would take up to "30 PLUS, addi, tramadol and/or whatever else" pills every morning.

But according to Mo, she has beaten her addiction.

The singer told fans, "Spent sooooo much 💰 paying other people bills just to be high and a functioning addict."

But it wasn’t until she was being physically abused and threatened to be thrown “over this balcony” nine months ago that she decided to get off of drugs, she wrote. Although she didn’t name her abuser, earlier this year she wrote, “this hurts soooo bad,” after rumors swirled that her estranged husband, boxer Karl Dargan, was unfaithful. She also deleted all photos of Dargan from her Instagram page.

And that's not the only thing that she's let go of. Lil Mo broke up with her husband, boxer Karl Darden. Lil Mo told fans that her relationship was abusive, and she had to go to court - to ensure her safety.

But now she's over him too.

The singer told fans, "I’m GLOWING. Clean b*tch, inside out. Was in and out of court because i was being PHYSICALLY abused. The judge finally Granted my FULL PFA (protection from abuse) which covers the whole world.".

Congrats to Lil Mo for getting her life together. We look forward to hearing more from her in 2020.