Lil Mo headed to The Breakfast Club, where she opened up about her abusive marriage to former professional boxer, Karl Dargan.

And although Mo had given us some insight into her marriage via her Instagram account, it seems like things may have been worse than we thought.

"That n*gga spit on me. 'F*ck you stupid b*tch." And it's one thing to say that when you're having sex but it's another thing when you mean that sh*t and your kids is there. You feel me? When he spit on me. That was August 26th," she told DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee.

"When I left for good good, it was in March 2019. My kids had just went to school so it was like 10 o clock in the morning. And he just started wylin. I was like, 'I think you high. And I know you with a b*tch.' You don't even have to tell me. I don't have to smell no perfume or see hair on you. I can feel your spirit my n*gga.'"

Lil Mo says that was enough for her to call it quits.

"It was the last, last straw. Once my kids went to school, and I know they could tell stuff was going on. You could feel the toxicity. I used to hate going home. And I knew the amount of opioids I was taking just to start my day, I was like 'Nah, this not me.'"

Then according to her, he said " I'll blow your fucking head off. I'll throw you over this balcony." Mo pretended to make a call on her cell phone thinking it would deter him from hurting her, but he took the phone from her and smashed it against the wall. Luckily she was able to make it out the door and hid at her manager's house who she credits with saving her life that day.

As a result, Mo and her ex-husband and no longer together and she currently has a "PFA against him", a Protection From Abuse order.

Watch it in full below.