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Lil Mama: Jay-Z's Still Ignoring Me!!

Lil Mama says that Jay-Z is still ignoring her years after she crashed his "Empire State of Mind" performance with Alicia Keys in 2009.

She says after the incident, she tried to reach out to both of them, but they did not return her messages.

"I entered this industry as a teenage Black girl from Brooklyn and Harlem NY. These situations are with mature adults at least ten years my senior. I reached out in private to create an opportunity for communication and clarity. I haven't heard back from either party yet. With that, continuously misrepresenting my brand in public won't be tolerated," she said.

Jay-Z spoke on the incident in 2009.

"To interrupt that moment for us, I don't think that was the right thing to do," Jay said on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show in New York City. "It was a lot of planning that went into that performance. To disrupt that was outta line."


Alicia Keys also had this to say: "We can appreciate her being overwhelmed and inspired," she told NBC's "Today" show. "But we would have appreciated it if she would have did it from her seat."