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Lil Kim's Nose Appears To Have COMPLETELY COLLAPSED . . . Nostrils Appear 'SEALED'!


New pics suggest that rapper Lil Kim's nose has "collapsed." The new images obtained by MTO news show that Lil Kim's face appears to be going through a transition.

Kim underwent MULTIPLE plastic surgery operations - including multiple nose jobs. But now her nose seems be doing something that the doctors didn't predict - COLLAPSING on itself.

Late superstar Michael Jackson suffered from the same issue - when his nostrils caved in on themselves - after multiple surgeries.

But Lil Kim's case seems to be even more sever. Look at the close up pics - it almost appears that her nostrils are "sealed".  We hope that's not the case.


According to US Weekly, "Dr. Jennifer Levine, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can spot the differences too. “It’s clear that there has been some skin bleaching. She's probably used chemicals, which contain very high doses of acids, on her face, combined with high-acid creams to lighten her skin,” she tells Us Weekly."

“Dark skinned Lil Kim was perfection… I don’t know who this woman is anymore,” a dismayed fan tweeted.

Levine, who’s based in New York City, adds that Kim has probably had her eyes done as well: “They seem elongated and completely different,” she observes. “Kim would have had to have surgery to remove the fat, skin and tissue to create this new eye shape.”

Kim’s numerous nose augmentations are no secret, either. In a 2005 interview, the hip-hop star (real name: Kimberly Denise Jones) told Angie Martinez that she went under the knife after an abusive ex-boyfriend broke her nose. But the biggest differences, according to Levine, are “to her jawline. She could have had Botox injections under the jaw for a more chiseled look,“ she tells Us. "And in case it's not obvious, Kim probably had filler injected into her cheeks.”