A Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls docu-drama is currently in the works. And new details surrounding Biggie-Faith and Kim's relationship is coming to light.

According to Lil Kim's former road manager Monica "Shaka Don" Dopwell, Kim pulled a gun on Faith several years ago. At the time, Faith was married to Biggie, but Lil Kim was the rapper's loyal side piece, and she was hoping to get Faith out of the way.

Shaka Don made these allegations in 1999. But the interview recently resurfaced online.

Here's what she said:

Kim jumped out the car and pulled a gun on Faith, and said I will blow her brains out.

But Kim was not the only one in this love triangle with violent tendencies. She was also on the receiving end of it at the hands of Biggie, who physically abused her.

Monica also explained:

One time at the Hit Factory, a bunch of us started fighting because some chicks came to Kim's studio session because Big said they could.

When Big came, it got even worse. He was choking Kim in the studio elevator.

That was the first time I literally saw them fighting.

D•Roc (Damien Butler) was in the elevator with them trying to break it up. I used to tell her. 'Come on. you have to let this go.'

Sometimes a man can kill your self-esteem. And when he got mad with her, he would do that. 

But that was a long time ago. The two ladies are now friends and are making money together.

The two former rivals hit the road together for their “First Ladies Tour” last year. Faith announced the tour on September 13th during Biggie’s Ready To Die mural unveiling in New York City.

Faith, who was married to Biggie, and Kim, Biggie’s protege and rumored mistress, buried their differences when Faith presented Kim with a special award during VH1’s Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens back in 2016.