Lil Kim MEDICALLY REVERSED Her Skin Bleaching . . . She's BLACK AGAIN! (PICS)

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Remember when rapper Lil Ki transformed herself into a White woman, by chemically lightening her skin. Well that's all over with . .. Kimmy is back to being BLACK AGAIN.

Rapper Lil Kim had become the poster child for skin bleaching. The beautiful female emcee used various chemicals to lighten the skin on her face, and her body. But the l"lighter" skin came at a lost - she became a walking JOKE to many hi hop fans.

Well Kim has finally decided - that she'd rather be a Black girl. Lil Kim has been looking darker and darker in recent weeks. MTO News spoke with a person in her camp who told us that Lil Kim was "re-melanating" herself. The person wouldn't specify exactly what that meant.

But whatever it means, we like the changes. Check her out yesterday in New York - looking GREAT!


Back in 2016, Lil Kim denied skin bleaching rumors:

But Kim came back with fighting words in a now deleted comment, according to Jasmine Brand—who was able to screengrab it:

“Ok but when the f*ck did I bleach my skin u miserable Moron!” she responded to a fan. “My plast post clearly shows that but u haters will always have something to say even when facts r right in front of ur face but I understand ur just doing ur job as a hater but understand this … I checked my calendar and I still won’t give a f*ck Neveruary the 1st either.”