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Lil Kim: I Hate The Movie 'Notorious'!!

Years later, Lil Kim says she still hates the movie, Notorious, which is based on the life and music of Bad Boy artist, Notorious B.I.G.

Kim was played in the movie by Power actress Naturi Naughton -- and it is well documented that she was not happy with Naughton's portrayal of her.

"I hate that movie," Kim told Fat Joe. "To me, it was like a spoof. It was something that I would have never approved. I didn't like who played me. No. No, no, no, no."

When Fat Joe asked who would have been a better pick for her, she replied:

"I would go to Brooklyn and find a girl within that period that I feel represents Brooklyn, knows what it's like to grow up in Brooklyn. And then once I got in the movie and I get a little older, I would play myself from that stage. But from that point, I gotta go to Brooklyn and give some little girl from Brooklyn a chance to really, really show, I know who Lil Kim is for real."