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Lil Jon knows what this time of year is all about, that's why he's teamed up with the Kool-Aid Man to provide an anthem for your holiday break.

Lil Jon dropped a hot new Christmas-themed track titled “All I Really Want for Christmas," spreading crunk Christmas to the world.

In the ridiculous yet humorous video, Jon and the Kool-Aid Man turn up with the kids, and a fountain of Kool-Aid (of course) and raps that all he wants for Christmas is everything on his list as all of the children break into dance.

“I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas song for forever,” he told Rolling Stone. “I could never get the right inspiration to get it done though … I wanted to do something fun for young and old, and I think that mission is accomplished.”

That Kool-Aid check must have been good!

Watch the full video below.

Are you feeling it or nah?