Lil Fizz and Omarion's babys mother Apryl Jones are reportedly expecting a baby together, according to a person with knowledge in the matter.

The news of Apryl's pregnancy sounds like great news for Fizz and Apryl. But it's not clear how it's going to effect Fizz and Omarion's group B2K. The group reunited and is scheduled to go on a world tour together in 2019.

MTO News confirmed that Lil Fizz, real name Dreux Pierre Frédéric, and Omarion's babys mother Apryl Jones are dating, despite their denials. Fizz flew to Chicago, and spent the holidays with Apryl and her family.

News of Apryl's reported pregnancy came to MTO News from a close friend of Lil Fizz. The insider explained, "[Apryl] and Fizz love each other. The pregnancy wasn't planned, but they're happy about it."

She added, "Fizz is trying to keep everything between him and Apryl on the low. He knows that it looks bad to be with Omarion's baby moms. And he's trying to keep everything under wraps for now."

And Lil Fizz is definitely keeping his relationship under wraps. MTO News confirmed that neither Apryl nor Fizz will be a part of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for next season.

Omarion gave an interview yesterday where he said that he's basically OK with er seeing his bandmate Fizz.

Here's the interview:

And here's Apryl - congratulations to her and Lil Fizz.